Aerodynamic cooling rings and IBC cooling systems

Production program includes Single and Dual Lip Air Ring. Mechanoplastica “ISOFLOW” Air Ring incorporate a laminar flow plenum based on turbine technology. As a result a minimal amount of air turbulence is created. This improves the distribution of air flow ,provides better bubble stability and reduces heat generation in the plenum.

Manufactured from high grade aluminum alloy, ISOFLOW air rings are CNC machined for greater accuracy and finer finishing tolerances.Wear resistant inserts are used in the thread surfaces to decrease wear and increase durability.All components are easily accessible for ease of use and serviceability factors. Blow up rations from 1.2 to 4.5:1.

Web guide systems | Tension control systems

The web guide systems from Re spa eliminate all problems associated with guiding any type of laminate, be it edge or line guide systems. High quality systems compining:

  • Stepping motor driven to give precise proportional movement.
  • Very low maintenance costs.
  • Extremely competitive purchase price.

The systems comprise of the following items:

  • Electromechanical or electro-hydraulic devices (linear actuators, hydraulic cylinders, pivot frames, steering rolls).
  • Position sensors suited to every kind of material
  • Microprocessor control panels for the analysis and the regulation of all functions.

Blown Film extrusion lines for LDPE/LLDPE/HDPE

The lines are equipped with GENESIS® extruders. Production program includes monolayer and coextrusion lines with extruder diameters from 35 to 120mm and layflat widths from 600 to 3000mm.

The coextrusion lines have improved the production flexibility, allowing thickness downgauging with the same film strenght, also with reclaimed materials and reducing production costs.

Calibration baskets

The new cage type CB operates a scissor type mechanism to adjust diameter. With more than 3:1 diameter it offers a wide range of adjustment. In conjunction with highly automated extrusion lines the cage can optionally be equipped with a device, that lets the cage move with linear speed in diameter change. A new format can be adjusted “on the spot” without long waiting times for the signal from the width measuring bar. All moving parts in the cage are either zinc covered or out of non corosive steel. A cleaning of the cage can be accomplished without any special tools and without any risk for the cage itself. Overall the cage is made out of a rigid steel structure and ensures a long lifetime.

Oscillating and stationery take-off

Using the oscillating nip rollers on blown film lines has solved most of the problems due to ambient conditions on polyethylene film extrusion. Production program includes Oscillating take off units with horizontal turning bars from 600 to 3000mm

Extrusion heads: monolayer – multilayer

The types of extrusion heads are monolayer and coextrusion.They are made by drop forged alloy steel and machined on CNC machine tool to guarantee very precise tolerances.

Automatic single and double winders

To produce high quality thermoplastic films it is essential to obtain perfect reels without winding tension variation and with regular geometry. Our winders can achieve the characteristic considering: the updating technology of the design like the electronic control of winding tension,t he accurate control of contact pressure, the possibility to use expanding shafts with diameter 73 and 148 mm and the choice of first class components well proven for a long time. The range of machines includes single station and double station winders, back to back and face to face models, winding control system: surface, centre assisted, gap. The range of available winding widths goes from 600 to 3000mm

Recycle machines

IN-LINE RECYCLING. The closed loop system provides an immediate return of the compacted FILMTRIM chip back into the extrusion process via our pneumatic conveying system. This fully enclosed system maintains a perfectly clean and dry densified chip for immediate recycling while eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

FILMTRIM Densifiers convert edge trim and scrap rolls of thermoplastic films into clean, dustless, high density, chips all without the addition of a heat history. Included materials are: PA-PET-PS-HDPE-LDPE-LLDPE-PVC-PP-PTFE-PU-PVOH-EHPP-EVAL-Coextruded Materials, and the many combinations, formulations and processes involved.