Interface SRL


Interface was set up in 2000 for the research and development of printing machines for the flexographic industry. The production range has been completed during the years with different configurantions such as: central impression, Stack-in-line and stack type flexo presses. Special machines have been added like: rotogravure, winders, coating and laminating ones and customized equipments for diversified applications. Thanks to its experience, know-how, innovations, technology and competivity, INTERFACE has become the ideal partner for the Customer.
All these factors have been decisive in the continuos growth of the Company worldwide.

Sinova Italy Spa


Longitudinal cut, normal or pneumatic.
Full sets countebalance or spring system.
Knives for side or central trimming.
Longitudinal cut with adjustable trimming.
Knives for longitudinal cut.
Blades for cross cut.

Sideco Srl


CO.MA.S srl estabilished in 1978, is a member of ACIMGA the Association of the italian Manufacturers of Machinery for printing and converting, is the ideal partner for the development and the manufacturing of complete lines devoted to the ennobling of papers and plastic films.

Moreover an efficent staff of experts designs and produces a wide range of accessories for all type of converting machines; resolving with original, innovative and custom-designed technical solutions every single customer’s requirements. Thinking, studying, designing and producing a new product involves working 360 degree in the market: this is CO.MA.S’s production policy.

The SIDECO independent chambers shaft has been specially conceived and designed in order to eliminate any maintenance operation to be performed by the users. Thanks to its patented pneumatically-operated deflating system, all inner valves are no longer submitted to mechanical stresses by the users ; they are activated by a completely self-adjusting and automatic pneumatically-operated system.

The construction with independent chambers offers the self-centering pneumatically-operated shaft top safety blocking as it totally eliminates any pumping effect, which is typically to be found in all other models of pneumatic shafts. A specially-conceived anti-piercing polyurethane-made air chamber is available in order to eliminate any possibility of piercing and of all subsequent machine stops. This special chamber together with the independent chambers system and with the self-centering possibilities of the shaft offer a convenient safety guarantee and a long life of the shaft with no maintenance required, thanks to SIDECO high quality and high-performance technology.

The protection of the surfaces of high cost materials like wooden panels, plastic laminated sheets, steel sheets etc., requires the use of plastic films with specific different adhesions, according to the employment. The protective film, with proper adhesive coating has to be processed through a coating line which does not alter the already delicate structure of the PE or PP films.

The CO.MA.S.Converting Machinery Sideco® company has realized a number of systems for the manufacture of protective plastic films. As well as performing the usual computerised film- unwinding processes, these machines also offer flattening, size regulation, on-line two-colour flexo-printing with high-performance drying functions, cooling and automatic winding functions.

A special feature of these systems is their coating unit which is equipped with carriages that are interchangeable with the following system: Mayer bar, rotogravure, reverse gravure, reverse rollers, rotating squeegee.

Re Italy Spa


Since 1973, the company Re spa has aimed to provide Industrial Solutions for machinery manufacturers and users in the converting industry.Constant company growth has allowed us to invest our resources on research and development of new products for converting, paper, wire, rubber and textiles markets.Our practical experience and flexibility allow us to collaborate closely with our customers to offer individually tailored solutions.

We offer a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, which have made us a worldwide header in the market, supplying to over 20 countries, backed by technical support and sales offices.Our mission is to continue to produce  inovative new products which are simple to use, by drawing on our field application experience and continued customer confidence. From 2001 we are Acimga associates (Italian Manufacturers Association of Machinery for Graphic, Converting and Paper Industry



For more than 20 years the name MUNCHY has been synonymous with recycling scrap material into 1st Grade Pellets. As one of the originators of the recycling concept and with over 2,500 complete installations in more than 50 countries worldwide MUNCHY remains at the forefront of recycling technology. Today the patented ‘Dual-Diameter Screw’ remains at the very heart of the MUNCHY recycling method that enables a higher % of recycled pellets to be re-fed back into the main production process allowing processors to achieve maximum cost savings.

In 2002 MUNCHY was purchased by extrusion machinery manufacturer Boston Matthews and has undergone a vigorous re-design programme using the very latest 3D Parametric Computer Design Software. Benefiting from Boston Matthews’ 50 years plastics engineering experience whilst remaining true to the proven Munchy Recycling Concept the company provides the most complete range of recycling solutions for a wide range of polymers and material forms. MUNCHY manufacture all component parts in-house. Computer controlled machining centres provide MUNCHY with complete production flexibility. Production and assembly is network linked directly to the Design Centre for fast communication between Design Engineers, Project Managers and Production Engineers. Rigorous inspection checks are undergone throughout the manufacturing process within purpose built demonstration and testing facilities for a Quality Assured final product.

Mez Badower GmBh


MEZ Badower GmbH exists since 1989 and established itself as an outfitter for plastic-processing machines. The company located in Düren, Germany, cooperates worldwide with chosen suppliers and is constently involved in projects with various research institutions.

MEZ stands for our key aspects – Machines, Spare parts, Accessories. These characteristic features are the trade with machines and units, the developement and the distribution of process automation for the polymer processing as well as for the printing industry.

Boston Matthews


For more than 50 years Boston Matthews has been at the forefront of extrusion machinery technology. As originators of the Caterpillar Haul-Off Boston Matthews has earned a place in the coveted US Plastics Hall Of Fame and with over 10,000 direct descendents of the ‘Boston’ Haul-Off in daily use around the world is the leading manufacturer of Caterpillar Haul-Off’s. Today Boston Matthews is the UK largest manufacturer of extruders, downstream equipment and complete extrusion lines and with more than 23,000 machines in daily use is a worldwide force in plastics processing. Manufacturing and customer support facilities based in Worcester, England and New Jersey, USA support a global network of representation that spans more than 70 countries.

Boston Matthews manufacture all component parts in-house. Computer controlled machining centres provide Boston Matthews with complete production flexibility.Production and assembly is network linked directly to the Design Centre for fast communication between Design Engineers, Project Managers and Production Engineers.Rigorous inspection checks are undertaken throughout the manufacturing process within purpose built testing and demonstration facilities for a Quality Assured final product.

Doteco Srl


We successfully operate in the plastics transformation industry, in particular, in extrusion of plastic film and synthetic fibers. We suggest a complete range of technologically advanced solutions, including material conveying systems , volumetric or gravimetric metering and blending units, in-line thickness and width monitoring devices and computerized control and management of extrusion line. We fully meet the market requirements for the high level process automation.



Currently, Masterwatt core business is the manufacturing of heater bands, used in the plastic industry, and of armoured heaters, employed in almost all industrial applications and inside the plants. Starting from the early 90’s Masterwatt has pursued the constant improvement of the quality of its products and of its production system, obtaining in 1997 the certification of its quality system in accordance with ISO 9002:1994 standard. This certification has been recently extended to ISO 9001:2000 (“Vision 2000”) standard.
In addition, Masterwatt has obtained several products certificates relevant to the production of ATEX explosion-proof heaters and can supply, in cooperation with partner companies, PED certified electrical heat exchangers.

Within Masterwatt products catalogue you can identify the product you need following our guided search program. In addition it is also possible to view brief presentations of the products or download the product catalogue both in .pdf or .zip format.
This section contains all the information relevant to heater bands (for both plastification cylinders and nozzles, associated, if requested, to protections or air conveyors), flat and cartridge heaters for moulds and extrusion dies, spiral heaters for injectors, armoured or infrared heaters for enclosures, ovens and thermoforming processes, plug or flange mounted immersion heaters for liquids (including corrosive ones), electrical heat exchangers (including flammable and explosive gases), duct heaters for air and gases conditioning, thermocouples and thermoresistances.

Understand and provide answers and solutions which can last along time.
This is the way we want to work and that is why we have defined our organisation in order to provide a reliable product and a complete service.

Arvor France


ARVOR’s latest modern and simple bottom weld machine following the ARVOR tradition of producing inexpensive reliable machines for over 30 years. Equipped with the latest servo moteur technology, the CLASSIC has many features usually only found on machines costing considerably more. The standard equipment includes a 1.3 meter (51″) index table, a photocell for printed film and a simple unwind stand.